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Shop Our Latest Arrivals - New Products Added Weekly

A Letter To Our Customers

Dear Customer, 

You may have seen various media outlets reporting recently that we are in the midst of a global  shipping disruption, which has resulted in a significant and rapid increase in material and  logistics costs not to mention delays at every stage of the process. 

In addition, manufacturers have been forced to implement broad safety measures in order to  ensure their employees remain healthy. They have had to cut the number of employees on site  at any given time and if even one member of a team is sick the entire team must be screened  for COVID and quarantined at home. This has led to unanticipated delays and made it very  difficult for manufacturer’s to accurately estimate lead times. 

I share with you the excitement of receiving a new piece of furniture and appreciate your  patience as our entire industry struggles to keep up with increased customer demand. I know  you also share with us our gratitude to those workers who put themselves in harm’s way every  day to produce and transport these goods to us.  

With an effective vaccine around the corner it’s tempting to feel like this is coming to an end  soon but it will be some time before things return to any sort of normalcy and even more time  before manufacturers and shippers are able to catch up with demand. 

Our commitment to you is to be honest and forthright with you about availability and lead  times, even when it’s not good news, and to keep you informed with up-to-date information  about your order. Our business is based on trust with our customer and as a small independent  retailer we value your loyalty and ongoing support. I thank you for your forbearance during this  challenging time.  

Best Regards, 

Matt Bissinger

Owner, Maker & Moss