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No. 17 sandalwood + rose Diffuser


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Light, bright, crisp + warm. Sharp, punchy grapefruit meets sweet, tangy notes of mangosteen, peach blossom, and green apple.

Scent Notes: Red grapefruit, tangerine, peach blossom and green apple.

Essential Oils: Infused with orange essential oils.

Directions for use: Remove lid and place reeds in diffuser oil. We recommend using 8-10 reeds at a time. Diffusers come with 10 reeds and have an average life of 2-3 months. You can control the amount of fragrance diffused and life of the product by increasing of decreasing the number of reeds used.

Dimensions: Diffuser bottle is approx. 4.5" high by 1.75" in diameter, reeds are approx. 10" long. Product contains approx. 3oz. of liquid. Dimensions including box are 2.25" x 2.25" x 11".
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    No. 17 sandalwood + rose Diffuser


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