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Yayoi knife Holder


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Rich locally sourced Pennsylvania Walnut creates a dramatic backdrop to a colorful display of hand cut wood inlay polka dots. Our inlay material is made by utilizing all of the odds and ends around the shop; each color and tone is natural to the type and species of wood (to paint or stains here). The polka dots are composed and arranged by hand, making each Knife Holder unique with its own individual color and design arrangement. Strong neodymium magnets are precisely inlayed into the knife block to provide eight designated spaces to securely hold knives, scissors, bottle openers and other metal kitchen utensils. Keep your knives sharp and scratch free. Easily mount the holder flush to the wall with built in key holes on the back side. Sprayed with lacquer finish for durability and easy cleaning. Isn't time to get rid of that ugly metal strip knife rack and replace it with a smarter and more sustainable design. 18 x 3 x .75" Handmade item Materials: walnut, oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, purple heart, paduk, southern yellow pine, wenge, reclaimed wood, recycled wood, upcycled material, salvaged wood

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