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Mexico Wood Chart

Mexico, featuring the Central American region from Texas to Nicaragua. Mexico has a population of over 120 million people and a land area of about 770,000 square miles. It is the most populated Spanish-speaking country in the world. Mexico is a federation of 31 states, plus Mexico City, the nation's capital. It borders the United States, Guatemala, and Belize, with the Pacific Ocean on its western coast, and the Gulf of Mexico on the east. Points of Interest Include: Arizona, Baja California, Belize, Caribbean Sea, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, El Salvador, Guatemala, Gulf of Mexico, Honduras, Houston, Louisiana, Mexico City, New Mexico, New Orleans, Nicaragua, Pacific Ocean, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Texas, Tijuana, Tucson, and Yucatan This piece comes ready to hang, pre-framed in a custom, solid-wood frame. Its rich contours are carefully crafted from laser-cut layers of Baltic birch, which are hand colored and glued together with the intent that each becomes a prized conversational piece and treasured heirloom.
24.5" Width X 31" Length