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Round Two - 10 Inch Planter


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Made from stoneware

Sized to fit 10" grower pots with extra room for drainage

Two-piece design includes pot and deep overflow saucer

Glazed inside and out

Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications

10.25"w x 10.25"d x 9.25"h

Round Two is a sleek, two-piece minimalist vessel accompanied by a deep overflow saucer. Our planters are meticulously crafted from stoneware and high-fired to ensure enduring beauty and style for generations to come.

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Revival Ceramics by LBE Design

Based out of San Diego, CA, husband and wife team Veronica and Jon, co-founders of LBE Design, produce premium quality ceramic planters. These planters are made from high-fired stoneware and created with a focus on sustainability, designed with consciousness, and crafted with enduring quality.

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Round Two - 10 Inch Planter


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