Furniture should be viewed as an heirloom, something that’s made to last for generations. One way this is achieved is through the use of natural, solid, and sustainable materials. Teak wood, made popular with modern designs such as Scandinavian dining chairs, Japandi dining tables, and organic modern coffee tables, is a valuable and long-lasting material noted for its honey-brown tone, smooth texture, and overall timeless appeal. Allow us to show you why teak furniture is a top choice among interior design professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike, and how it can go beyond the dining room and inspire teak coffee tables, outdoor designs, storage solutions, kitchen tools, and more.

Teak Coffee Tables and Accent Furniture

teak coffee tables and end tables

We believe the coffee table should be the centerpiece of one’s living room. It can be the starting point to inform the entire space’s design as well as the actual focal point of the space. Whether to kick back and rest your feet, display books or art objects, or (like many people) to eat a meal - a coffee table is a crucial piece of furniture. A teak coffee table provides durability to withstand what life brings while staying stylish and timeless. Teak coffee tables in deep brown hues fit in perfectly with a wide array of decor styles from rustic to modern. But the lasting appeal of solid teak furniture in your living room doesn’t have to stop at the coffee table. A modern end table, like the Ethnicraft Geometric side table, in a natural teak finish can easily elevate your living room.

Teak Office Furniture

teak office ethnicraft furniture

Any modern furniture discussion must involve the home office. With the increasing amount of businesses that allow employees to work from home, the focus on a stylish and productive space is definitely a priority. An inspiring look for the perfect WFH zone is mid-century modern furniture designs. Feel like you’re in the cast of Mad Men with a space that sparks creativity. Teak furniture is perfect for achieving this look, with brown woods that look perfect on desks, bookcases, and more. Our favorite office collection is the Ethnicraft Oscar series, featuring teak desks and storage furniture that truly give a mid-century modern vibe. Just add a handsome desk chair, maybe even a bar cart, and feel transported when you’re in video meetings.

Your Outdoor Oasis

outdoor teak ethnicraft furniture

Teak wood features naturally high-occurring oil content, causing it to be extremely durable and weather resistant. This is just a technical way of saying teak furniture is perfect for the outdoors - both in function and form. Weatherproof outdoor furniture like a teak coffee table or teak dining chairs are ideal pieces of design that last year after year with the proper care and storage (luckily teak wood is easy to care for). Ethnicraft furniture that’s built for outdoor spaces is an exceptional example of good design that’s made with teak wood, featuring modern styles and outdoor versions of best sellers including the Bok dining series. If you truly want an outdoor oasis that sparks zen, a teak outdoor Japandi dining table is the perfect piece.

For a Contemporary Look

ethnicraft teak coffee tables

The modern rustic meets mid-century appeal of teak furniture is definitely a factor that draws ones eye. But if you have a more minimalist, contemporary, or extra-modern taste in furniture and decor you can still experience the benefits of teak. Black painted teak adds a distinct sophistication and a graphic look to your home. Our selection of modern designs includes several pieces of Ethnicraft furniture in a black painted teak finish, including the Abstract teak coffee table and the Alain van Havre designed best selling Graphic media console collection. These pieces, just like natural brown teak furniture, fit in with a wide variety of decor styles including Scandinavian and Japandi furniture.

Teak For Dining

teak japandi dining table

Of course, it’s no secret that the most widely sought-after piece of teak, or any wood, furniture is a well-made and well-designed dining room table. Tables crafted with teak and made to last for generations and endure whatever life throws at them. Plus natural variations in wood and patina that can form over time make it so the dining table gets even better over time. Paired with modern teak dining chairs, or mixed material seating, it's easy to achieve a trendy yet timeless look such as modern rustic, organic modern, or a Japandi dining table setting. Teak wood is available in other ways to dine in style, often being used in tabletop and kitchenware tools like teak cutting boards or bar tools.

ethnicraft bok japandi dining table

It’s very important to note that our curated teak furniture selections are sustainably sourced and FSC certified. The FSC (which stands for Forest Stewardship Council) promotes responsible forestry management. Ethnicraft furniture made with solid teak, for example, originates from sustainably managed forests. We care deeply about the quality of materials in the products we select, and the impact they make on the world.

Teak is durable and long lasting, the ideal material to allow furniture to be loved and passed down from generation to generation. The timelessness and craftsmanship combined offer more than a lifetime of use. When curating our made-for-life modern furniture, teak is always something we look for. Discover our wide range of indoor and outdoor teak furniture for yourself today, or contact a design expert to learn more about the incredible material.