Tables are some of the most functional pieces of furniture in the home. They provide a place to gather, a place to eat, and a place to put your belongings, no matter if they belong there or not. Because you use them so often, it only makes sense for you to love your tables. Ethnicraft has designed a collection of tray tables that combine functionality with style, allowing you to create a custom design with colorful removable trays.

These side and coffee tables can stand on their own or shine with the addition of a perfectly fitted tray that nestles within its top. This design makes it easy to carry refreshments from the kitchen to the table where the tray sits just right on the table it was made for.

But with so many options, how can you choose the table best suited for your home? Allow this guide to walk you through the process of picking out your Ethnicraft tray tables so you can start serving in style.

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The Ethnicraft Tray Table Experience

No one can tell you how to pick out your furniture, but this simple process makes it quick and easy to design your own tray tables. All you have to do is choose a tray table, choose a tray, and then mix and match designs to your heart’s content!

1. Choose Your Tray Table

Ethnicraft tray tables can be separated into simple categories based on their shape and size. Depending on how much space you have to work with and where you’ll be putting your tray tables, it’s easy to find the right choice for your needs.

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Tables By Shape

There’s nothing complicated about these tray tables. They come in four basic shapes: round, oblong, square, and rectangle.

Round and oblong tray tables have the appeal of soft edges and curves. Round tables are versatile, nestling into empty spaces beside armchairs and sitting outside on patios. Of course, if you only have a narrow space to work with, the oblong side table comes in handy. Pair them with round and oblong trays.

If sharp angles are more your style, you can’t go wrong with a square or rectangular table. These have the advantage of straight edges that fit flush against walls and beds and arms of couches. A robust square is always an eye-catcher, but sometimes a slim rectangle is the best option for your space. Pair them with square and rectangular trays.

Tables By Size

Ethnicraft tray tables come in a variety of sizes from small side tables to extra large coffee tables.

Starting at the smallest choice, there are small side tables that stand alone. These simple pieces offer style in small doses when you don’t have much space to work with. Of course, a nesting set of side tables gives you even more chances to mix and match tray designs.

Round and square tables can also be purchased as coffee tables ranging from small to extra large. Whether you get a single round coffee table that makes its own statement or a set of nesting coffee tables to up the wow factor, these larger tray tables give you even more room for serving.

Oblong and rectangular tray tables only come in one size, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size tray for these!

2. Choose Your Trays

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Now comes the best part — picking your trays.

Ethnicraft artist Dawn Sweitzer created each of these serving trays with modern abstract art in mind. These bold patterns draw inspiration from nature, mimicking woodgrain, stone, and metal. Each tray is not only functional but a valuable piece of home decor.

It all comes down to your preference and what you want to see nestled in the safety of your tray tables, and what you can see yourself carrying drinks on to your guests and loved ones. It’s a deeply personal decision, so take your time with it!

3. Mix and Match

Finally, don’t forget to mix and match your very own Ethnicraft tray table collection. Whether you have a range of side tables in different rooms or a nesting pair of coffee tables that anchors your living space, there’s no reason every tray has to be the same design.

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Pick two or three or even more different designs that suit your taste. Move them around to different tray tables. Give yourself permission to have fun with your choices. In the end, all that matters is that you love what you’ve created.

Customize Your Ethnicraft Experience

Ethnicraft tray tables and trays are a unique experience in and of themselves. These pieces allow you to create something personal to your space that is both incredibly functional and stunningly beautiful.

Whether you use your side tray tables to hold decor or you frequently take your trays out to serve up delicacies, they make the perfect addition to any home.

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Shop the entire Ethnicraft tray and tray table collection or design your own custom piece today, and discover the entire selection of Ethnicraft furniture and decor.