Anything concise is defined as being brief but comprehensive. That is exactly how to describe the clean lines, minimalist shapes, and organic modern materials that make up the geometric furniture designed by Ethnicraft. While you may imagine geometric design with loud, bold colors that drown out a room, this contemporary furniture is very different. It doesn’t lean into mid-century modern aesthetics but prefers to make statements with sharp angles, smooth curves, and striking lines. The human eye is drawn to geometry, which makes these geometric-inspired pieces by Ethnicraft the perfect focal point of any room.

Dining In Style and Comfort

ethnicraft geometric dining table

Dining tables are a fantastic way to add flare to your space. Such a large piece of furniture will undoubtedly be the star of the show, which means you want to cast a real showstopper. In geometric design, it’s the little details that count. The rounded edges of the Ethnicraft Arc Dining Table are a beautiful touch paired with the sharp angles of black metal legs bringing refinement to any dining room. While sometimes less is more, simplicity doesn’t mean a piece of furniture lacks visual appeal, as evidenced by the Ethnicraft Oak X Dining Table. This modern masterpiece showcases uniquely shaped legs that meet seamlessly with the soft lines of the tabletop to make a real statement.

Clean, Practical Shelving

ethnicraft oak m rack black

Minimalist angular shapes are a staple of geometric design, whether it’s in art, architecture, or furniture. The Ethnicraft M Rack Bookcase is inspired by the lines in modern art. It feels at home in any space, engaging enough to stand out but understated in a way that doesn’t take away from what it displays.

Dynamic Graphic Design


ethnicraft graphic tv console

Movement and depth aren’t absent in the world of geometric-inspired furniture. The composition of the Ethnicraft Graphic Sideboard draws inspiration from triangular shapes to create a dynamism that is sometimes lost in simplicity. The entire Graphic series by Ethnicraft offers movement and warmth in beautiful natural teak that draws your gaze without even trying. Similarly, the Ethnicraft Teak Mosaic Sideboard incorporates rhythm and motion akin to music through the use of layered offcuts across the front panels. This translation of modern furniture is inspirational in its design. There’s always something new to see.

Abstract Art In Furniture Form

ethnicraft furniture side table art

With layers of varying vertical and horizontal planes, the Ethnicraft Abstract Coffee Table takes inspiration from the de Stijl architectural movement. Visual impact meets the purpose and functionality of this coffee table, along with the matching side table and bookcase. The appeal never ends with this art-inspired furniture, with something new and exciting to be found at every angle. Geometry is not devoid of soft curves and rounded edges. Where other pieces are inspired by the angular nature of man-made structures, these take their lead from the beauty of the natural world. Take the Ethnicraft PI Mahogany Side Table for instance. Each curve and line respects what nature intended. It exudes strength in the simplicity of its design. And yet, each piece is uniquely hand-finished to ensure the character of the wood is upheld.

ethnicraft furniture side table

Discover more organic modern geometric designs from Ethnicraft including consoles, side tables, and more. Or get inspired by their entire collection, whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, prefer simple Scandinavian or bold contemporary.