Introducing TENUGUI cloths by KAMAWANU, Japanese hand-dyed cloths that can be used for food purposes, cleaning, and accessorizing.

Since the Meiji era of about 150 years ago, KAMAWANU's TENUGUI have been handmade by a craftspeople mostly using the "Chusen" dyeing technique. TENUGUI is a bleached cotton cloth about 33 by 90cm. The same dye produces different colors depending on the day's weather, temperature, and humidity. The color will fade with use but the feel of the cloth will soften with each wash, giving it a distinct character unique to "Chusen" TENUGUI. The edges of TENUGUI are simply cut off with no seam. The seamless bleached cloth is clean as it dries quickly and picks little dust. THis makes it perfectly suited for Japan's hot and humid climate. There is no one way to use TENUGUI. As no two are the same shape or color, enjoy TENUGUI for its unique hand crafted texture and appearance.



The versatility of these cloths make them a perfect household item for any part of your home.

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