Japandi combines the comfort and simplicity of Scandinavian style with the natural elements and minimalism of Japanese design to create an overall calming, aesthetically pleasing environment. It brings together functionality and elegance with the focus on clean lines, light colors, and bright spaces.

The Japandi style emphasizes natural materials, textures, and neutral tones which leaves you with a space that feels welcoming without being overbearing. This is how you can incorporate Japandi design into your spaces using Japandi style furniture by Ethnicraft.

The Key Elements of Japandi Style

japandi living room furniture by ethnicraft

There are only a few things you need to remember in order to nail the Japandi style.

  • Keep the lines clean
  • Use natural materials
  • Introduce plant life
  • Open, decluttered spaces
  • Minimal functional furniture
  • Intentional decor
  • Neutral, calming, and muted colors

Japandi is an overall minimalist style that is created with purpose. Every piece chosen for a space is intentional and often has function. The natural materials of furniture are married with a neutral color palette for a tranquil effect that makes anyone feel relaxed and at home.

The Perfect Japandi Colors

japandi interior design

Colors play a big part in the Japandi style. No color should dominate the others or come off as too harsh. Much of the color palette is made up of gentle shades such as beige, sand, taupe, cream, and stone. However, touches of contrasting accent colors in soft shades. Choose a typical Scandi color such as pale pink, blue, or green. Or create interest with using a darker grey or black for a rich contrast.

Creating Japandi Style Spaces with Ethnicraft Furniture

ethnicraft furniture japandi design

Living Room

The living room is a place to gather and enjoy company or a place to cozy up and watch a movie with plenty of snacks. A coffee table is undoubtedly the most functional piece in a living room. The Ethinicraft Mikado Coffee Table made with beautiful natural wood sits perfectly in the Japandi style as a surface to place all of your drinks and snacks while you’re entertaining.


Infusing the kitchen with Japandi style means adding only the necessities. Functionality is key and you won’t find a piece more suited for the role than Ethnicraft’s Wabi Sabi inspired trays. Designed for functionality and style, they carry the very essence of Japandi style along with whatever you wish to serve on them.

Dining Room

Japandi dining room furniture is the perfect place to bring in the natural elements indicative of this interior design. Whether you commit to the striking lines and perfect balance of the Ethnicraft Mikado Oval Dining Table, add some contrast with the dark legs and unique curves of the Facette Dining Chair, or combine the two, you truly can’t go wrong.


In the bedroom you find more touches of the Scandinavian comfort that forms one side of the Japandi style. Soft textures and gentle colors help create a place of peace and relaxation after a long day. The Ehtnicraft PI Mahogany Side Table offers a deeper take on natural materials while keeping the strong, clean lines you’ve come to expect from Japandi design.

Decor Pieces

Just because Japandi style is called minimalist and simplistic doesn’t mean it lacks the beauty of decor. A lot of thought goes into which pieces best suit a space so that it doesn’t become cluttered with unnecessary accessories. This is a great place to bring in an accent color, such as the dark brown of the Ethnicraft Tampa Boards or the rich black of their Chopped bowls. If you’re working with a small space, a piece such as the Ehtnicraft PI Wall Mirror will help open it up and make it feel brighter.

japandi style decor and objects

Bringing Japandi style into your home is as simple as the nature of its design. With the help of Japandi Style Furniture by Ethnicraft, you are well on your way to creating the tranquility and comfort you desire.

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