The organic modern trend fuses two very different interior design styles together. The minimalistic, clean, and stylish look of modern design meets comfortable, natural elements to give it a more organic feel. The result is something just as endearing as it is intentional. Organic modern design makes a space feel welcoming and lived in without sacrificing simplicity and style.

Here’s how you can curate the organic modern style in your own spaces.

Embrace Neutral, Natural Colors

organic modern decor

Stick to warm, neutral, calming colors for your color palette. These colors take inspiration from the earth itself, mimicking the different shades in the rings of a tree stump or the layers of natural rock. Whites, grays, and browns are a staple of this design style, and mixing them allows you to create depth while keeping that organic feel. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a pop of color here and there. Deep yellows, cool blues, and rustic oranges all have their place among the neutrals in small doses.

Stick to a Minimalist Approach

ethnicraft furniture organic modern sculpture

Much like modern interior design, you want to adhere to minimalism. Clear the clutter and choose a few intentional pieces like an Ethnicraft Organic Sculpture to fill your space. Give your furniture and decor room to breathe so that your space flows freely. Without the clutter, you are free to relax and enjoy your space all the more.

Choose Pieces with Simple Forms

ethnicraft furniture lounge chair

Clean lines and soft curves come together when it comes to organic modern furniture. Don’t choose anything too complex for your space. Instead, look for modern-form sofas, curved armchairs, and circular coffee tables. Simple lines are indicative of modern design but soft curves mimic what you find in nature. When they are married together in a piece like the Ethnicraft Barrow Lounge Chair, they fit perfectly into an organic modern space.

Prioritize Natural Materials

ethnicraft furniture n701 sofa

One of the most important features of this interior design trend is the focus on natural materials in furniture and decor pieces. That’s what makes it look and feel organic. Wood, stone, bamboo, and rattan are just a few of the materials you can choose from. Ethnicraft’s Celeste Lava Side Tables embody the natural yet simple look and feel of organic modern style, being crafted from mineral powders, water, earth, natural color pigments, and metallic powders.

Look for Unique Pieces

ethnicraft organic modern furniture and decor

A fantastic way to incorporate natural materials is by purchasing handcrafted or unique pieces that show all the beautiful imperfections of nature. These pieces are a fun addition to organic modern spaces because they are so intentional and hard to find anywhere else. They make the perfect statement in simple spaces and function as one-of-a-kind conversation pieces.

Bring in Different Textures

organic modern furniture and decor

Layering textures is a key piece to the organic modern style. Throw pillows, blankets, rugs, lamps, and vases are all ways to add more texture and depth to your space. It adds comfortable appeal that turns your home into a beautiful natural oasis. Using contrasting textures like stone and wood keep your eyes moving while woven fabrics soften the room and keep it inviting.

Incorporate Greenery

House plants bring the outdoors inside to really pack that organic, natural punch. They add a dose of living color to the subdued neutrals found in the organic modern style. Not to mention that live plants provide fresher air and help lower stress levels. But even fake plants invite the sense of nature into your home and add freshness and liveliness that you might miss out on otherwise.

Explore organic modern furniture and decor in our curated collections to design your dream space where you can enjoy comfort and simplicity.