As the season for gathering with friends and family approaches, there’s no better time to invest in quality furniture that lasts year after year. The dining table is undoubtedly the centerpiece if you want to be the host with the most and create a warm welcoming space for guests. Whether preparing for a Thanksgiving feast, a Holiday get-together, or just quality time with friends or family, your dining table should fit your needs, space, and of course style. Here are some tips to find the perfect dining table featuring modern designs by Ethnicraft.

1 - Extendable Dining Tables for Hosting & Toasting


ethnicraft bok extendable dining table


Perfect for going from cozy family meals to large dinner parties. A modern solid wood extendable dining table can save space without sacrificing style or the ability to host. The Ethnicraft Bok round extendable dining table easily goes from intimate to party mode and features a minimalist modern design inspired by Japandi style. Plus the full Bok dining collection can provide a complete contemporary look with matching chairs. If a rustic farmhouse or Scandinavian look is for you, then the Ethnicraft Slice extendable dining table or Double extendable dining table will bring the warmth you’re looking for.

Our Top Pick: Ethnicraft Bok Extendable Dining Table
The perfect example of modern functionality that's available in multiple sizes so you can find your perfect fit.

 2 - For the Modernist Diner


ethnicraft dining table corto modern


If you, like us, are loving where the world of contemporary design is going then you’ll love Ethnicraft’s selection of modern dining tables. Ethnicraft furniture designers take inspiration from art and architecture in many of their pieces, including the abstract and sleek Geometric dining table available in a cool Scandi natural oak or contemporary striking black oak finish. The Ethnicraft Corto dining table and Arc dining table each work perfectly in any modern minimalist decor space while the Oak X and Nexus dining tables combine classic style with eye-catching details.

Our Top Pick: The Ethnicraft Mikado Collection
The Ethnicraft Mikado dining tables (link) bring a Japandi vibe that’s very in style right now while maintaining a classic silhouette and made-to-last craftsmanship.

3 - For Small Spaces


ethnicraft dining tables for small spaces


For those of us who are urban dwellers that still like to dine in style, Ethnicraft has designed collections of compact and space-saving modern dining tables that fit in with any decor look. The Ethnicraft Circle dining table comes in a small 54” option with a sturdy solid oak base in a modern rustic meets Scandinavian natural finish. The Ethnicraft Torsion round dining table is a modern look with a unique base that’s ideal for coffee or an intimate one-on-one home-cooked meal.

Our Top Pick: Ethnicraft Torsion Square Dining Table
A compact solid oak 28” wide dining table that combines minimalist modern elegance with advanced woodworking craftsmanship.

No matter your style, space, or lifestyle your dining table should be at the center of your home’s heart providing memories and stories for generations. An Ethnciraft dining table will last and grow with you and your family, all their pieces are crafted from sustainably sourced solid wood. It could even be the last dining table you buy. Our selection of modern well-designed Ethnicraft furniture also includes solid wood dining chairs that pair perfectly with each of the tables whether you mix and match or opt for a complete set. And don’t forget the finishing touches, our selection of modern dinnerware and serveware will look great with Ethnicraft dining tables and give your home the tools for entertaining season after season. Cheers!

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