Your entryway serves as the gateway to your home. It’s the first thing you see when you step through the door and the last thing you see before leaving. It can set the entire mood for the style of your home, so you want to pay close attention to how you decorate this space. Big or small, it’s essential that your entryway makes a good first impression and serves its purpose as well!

Below you will find tips and tricks on choosing beautiful and functional furniture and decor for your entryway featuring Ethnicraft furniture.

How Will You Use Your Entryway?

Before you start looking for furniture, you have to decide what you’ll be using your entryway for the most. Is it a place to hang your coat? Do you need a catch-all for your family’s things? Are you hoping for a nice place to sit and put on your shoes?

Entryways are at their very best when they serve a purpose without looking untidy. This purpose will determine how you use your space. Whether you opt for a bench or a table or both!

Once you have your entryway measurements in hand and your function in mind, you can start shopping around for pieces that fit your style. Let’s go through some entryway essentials using modern designs from Ethnicraft.

Wall Hooks

ethnicraft scandinavian wall hooks

Hooks have their place in every entryway, they serve a purpose while remaining unobtrusive and minimalist. Wall hooks like the Ethnicraft Utilitile Wall Hanger compound on this by allowing you to choose which hooks you want to use while the rest are stored away. This is the perfect place to hang coats, sweaters, and bags as you come home.


ethnicraft furniture wall shelves

Wall shelves are similar to hooks because they hang out of the way. If you are trying to style a small entryway, these make a wonderful stand-in for large shelves, cabinets, and even console tables. It’s just as easy to place a small catch-all basket on something like the Ethnicraft Oak Ribbon Shelf for your keys and other trinkets. Utilizing a shelf or two or three will give you more floor space for other functional furniture. Of course, if space is no issue, a full-sized bookshelf like the Ethnicraft Oak M Rack is ideal for even more stylish modern storage options.

Console Tables

ethnicraft organic modern console table

If you have the space, an entryway table never goes amiss. This handy piece of furniture acts as storage by giving you plenty of surface area to put your keys, mail, purse, and anything else you need as you walk out the door. And if you pick a piece like the Ethnicraft Nordic Console Table, you get the added benefit of drawers to hide away the clutter.


ethnicraft japandi trays and catchalls

An entryway table isn’t complete without something to catch all the odds and ends that don’t have a home anywhere else in the house. It’s always a good idea to add a decorative storage vessel to your entryway for keys, books, bags, and other things you don’t want piling up on kitchen counters or other surfaces in your home. Baskets and trays like Ethnicraft’s Organic Round Mini Tray are the perfect places to store all those bits and bobs.

Entryway Benches

ethnicraft spindle bench entryway

Placing a bench in your entryway adds a level of coziness, especially when paired with throw pillows that match your decor. But it’s also one of the most functional pieces of entryway furniture because it gives you a place to sit when you’re getting ready to leave or just getting back home. Putting a piece such as the Ethnicraft Spindle Bench just inside your door allows you to sit and put your shoes on or take them off to prevent tracking messes through your house.


ethnicraft decor mirrors

You might think mirrors are purely for decoration, but in the entryway they are extra useful. As you’re walking out the door for an important meeting, a fun date night, or even to run errands, a quick glance in the Ethnicraft Clear Edge Mirror will assure you that you look just as good as you remember. Not only does an entryway mirror put your mind at ease, it also reflects light, opening up small spaces and making them feel more inviting.

Statement Pieces

ethnicraft furniture art and decor

No room in the house is complete without some modern art and decor. With the focus on function, you may not have as much room to put accent pieces, but it’s good to include on one main statement piece to really punch that style home. To save on floor space, something like the Ethnicraft Layered Clay Wall Art adds texture and a touch of organic modern nature to your entryway. Hang your piece of choice above your console table to fill out the space and show off the style of your home right when someone walks in the door.

Big or small, the entryway is a crucial piece of any house. Browse all of the Ethnicraft entryway collection to find beautiful, purposeful, and modern pieces to make your space feel just as welcoming as it is essential.