At one time or another, every home decorator dreams of creating at least one beautiful gallery wall in their home. It’s a very personal statement and works equally well in a studio apartment or in an expansive home. And all it takes to create one is a hammer, some hooks, and an assortment of paintings, photographs, and other wall art décor that can play well together.

Before you start hammering hooks willy-nilly into the drywall, though, we did some research into what art-hanging experts have to say about making this very personal statement in your home. From placement to sizing, here are their 5 best tips for making wall art décor stand out:

Tip #1: Take Your Time

That goes for buying art and hanging it up. Some people try to rush the process along by heading online and buying lots of pieces that “go together,” but a gallery wall should look and feel as if it were collected over time. Take it slow and enjoy the process from finding cool art to arranging them in a meaningful way.

Tip #2: Get Your Frame On

A great way to tie disparate art pieces together is through framing. Good matting and frames elevate the look of any work and create cohesion. That doesn’t mean every frame must be identical. To maintain balance and proportion with different frame sizes, materials, and colors, we suggest you start with one extra-large piece, two large pieces, two medium artworks, and three small ones. If you need to fill in more that will give you a baseline.

Tip #3: Go Low

Plot out your wall gallery by first laying it out on the floor. Use painter’s tape to create the size space you’ll be hanging in and then start arranging your art pieces within the outline. Keep moving them around until you find a composition that pleases your eye. When you’re hanging art start in the middle and radiate outwards. That way your gallery will be centered on your wall.

Tip #4 Be Bold

Large paintings in a small space can make them feel much more visually impactful! Don't be afraid to incorporate color or pattern. If you love the eclectic look, mix it up with rustic elements like unfinished wood frames with bold abstract art. The whole idea is to imbue the room with your unique style and personality. A gallery wall can tell your story or set a mood.  Bring a personal touch like a custom wood map of your favorite destination. A crowd favorite? This Lake Tahoe wood map.

Tip #5: Take a Vision Line Cue from Museums

Don’t hang artwork too high. Museums typically hang it at the average human eye-level, which is 57 inches from the floor. This figure represents the center of the art piece, so measure accordingly. One exception: if the art is being hung above a sofa or couch, allow for eight to 10 inches above the sofa back.

Finally, remember that rules are meant to be broken, and that’s doubly so with wall art decor. What matters most is that you end up with an art-filled space that brings joy to your life.